We salute the following breweries, all who have had a hand in getting 51 North off the ground. What’s that mean? You gotta go to their places and try their offerings!

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company
Great beer, great people – The Kuhnhenns thrive on pushing the boundries of beer. They have provided guidance, expertise, and inspiration. Eric, Brett, and Senior are the best!

Sherwood Brewing Company
Ray’s got it going in Shelby township. The beer and pizza are top notch. We spent many nights plotting the 51 north adventure, and Ray always had valuable input.

Dark Horse Brewing Company
One of the forebearers of the Michigan craft beer scene. An impressive lineup of beer. Russ Beattie provided his amazing expertise and talents to the 51 North cause.

Redwood Lodge
Konrad makes beer worthy of this fantastic eatery. He has provided valuable information to the 51 North team

Homebrew suppliers

We love home brewers. We are started as home brewers, and we are committed to supporting their causes. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space, but these guys do:

An impressive array of toys for the home brewer!

Cap and Cork
Excellent selection of brewing equipment and custom kits make this a great place to go.

Brewing World
Yeah, that’s the same link as Kuhnhenns, it’s across the parking lot from Kuhnhenns.